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Restaurant / Bar

It’s not a coincidence that our restaurant is called “Impresja” (Polish for “impression”). According to our Guests, the meticulously crafted dishes leave an aextraordinary and lasting impression. It’s not only the flavor but also the appearance and color of food that cause many customers to return and bring their friends.
The „Impresja” restaurant can accommodate  200 people. A delicious breakfast buffet is served here every morning. The venue is a great place for a business lunch or a quiet dinner as well as larger social gatherings. We would also like to invite our guests to visit the Art Cafe Bar, the bar section of the venue, where experienced bartenders prepare various types of coffee, tea as well as a wide range of alcoholic beverages, cocktails and drinks from all over the world.

Opening hours:

The restaurant is open daily from 12.00 PM to 9.30 PM, tel. +48 12 37 63 731
The bar is open daily from 12.00 PM to 12.00 AM, tel. +48 12 37 63 733


  • Marinated beef carpaccio with white radish tagliatelle
  • Octopus served on assorted lettuce with cherry tomatoes, black olives and pine nuts, sprinkled with herb vinaigrette sauce
  • Tiger prawns in pili pili sauce served with garlic toast
  • Chicken salad in a honey and balsamic glaze, garnished with anchois sauce
  • Tartar of salmon marinated in sea salt served with capers and dill, mustard seed sauce and a slice of toast
  • Grilled oscypek cheese (sheep's milk cheese) with cranberry and boletus mushrooms stewed with fresh ginger and rosemary


  • Tortelli alla rucola submerged in oyster mushroom and roasted garlic sauce, served with zucchini and pieces of crispy golden pumpkin
  • Bucatini frutti di mare with red pesto and sun-dried tomatoes marinated in herbs and garlic
  • Garganelli submerged in rabbit ragout stewed in white wine, served with crispy vegetables and fennel
  • Tagliatelle with marinated tenderloin in Italian pesto, with aromatic boletus mushrooms and blue cheese sauce


  • Mediterranean fish soup with prawns and cod with a hint of lime
  • Tuscany bean soup served with bacon and fresh peppers
  • Traditional Polish Żurek sour soup served with forest mushrooms, sausage and egg
  • Cream of crayfish soup with a curry flavour and drop dumplings, with a touch of sour cream

Main courses

  • Pork tenderloin marinated in citrus fruit and fresh herbs, served with vegetable risotto and wild rice with pepper and pineapple sauce
  • Chicken fillet wrapped in bacon with cacciatore made of fresh tomatoes and olives, served with rosti fritters and mange tout
  • Salmon fillet in lemongrass sauce served with ratatouille vegetables and tender gnocchi
  • Premier bone-in pork chop in a crunchybatter, with potato puree with a roasted onion flavour and cherry tomato and rocket lettuce salad
  • Grilled beef sirloin rolled with blue cheese and served with dumplings, pepper sauce and boiled broccoli
  • Catfish fried in butter with stewed boletus mushrooms in cream, served with pearl barley, assorted vegetables and a roasted apple


  • Panna cotta with strawberry jelly and spiced crumble
  • Dark chocolate soufflé filled with white chocolate and sprinkled with raspberry sauce
  • Orange cheesecake infused in white chocolate aroma, served with blackcurrant   sauce
  • Nut ice-cream sprinkled with crunchy meringue and nuts



  • “Grouchy Smurf” chicken soup with noodles
  • “Winnie the Pooh” tomato soup with dumplings
  • “Mickey Mouse” rolled chicken breast with chips or potatoes, salad, ketchup
  • “Nemo” fish fingers with chips or potatoes, salad, ketchup
  • “Donald Duck” home-made hamburger with chips, salad, ketchup
  • “Smurfette” spaghetti with tomato sauce
  • “Bolek and Lolek” pancakes with sweet cheese and chocolate or strawberry topping
  • “Snow White” fruit ice-cream with whipped cream
  • “Disney” fairy-tale fruit smoothies (banana or raspberry flavour)

Our late night menu is served by the room service between 10:00 PM - 12:00 PM

Tel. 730


Warm / cold sandwiches

  • Cheese, tomato and lettuce sandwich - 18 PLN
  • Cheese, ham, tomato and lettuce sandwich - 20 PLN
  • Salmon, tomato and lettuce sandwich - 25 PLN

Cold beverages

  • Mineral water - 25 cl - 8 PLN
  • Coca-cola - 20 cl - 10 PLN
  • Fanta - 20 cl - 10 PLN
  • Tonic - 20 cl - 10 PLN
  • Sprite - 20 cl - 10 PLN
  • Fruit juice - 20 cl - 12 PLN

Alcoholic beverages

  • Zywiec beer - 50 cl - 15 PLN
  • Consigna Cabernet-Sauvignon Wine (red, dry; Spain) - 75 cl - 90 PLN
  • Consigna Chardonnay Wine (white, dry; Spain) - 75 cl - 90 PLN
  • Johnnie Walker Red - 0,5 cl - 35 PLN
  • Wyborowa Vodka - 0,5 cl - 10 PLN
  • Bison Grass Vodka (Zubrowka) - 0,5 cl - 10 PLN


  • Peanuts - 40 g - 10 PLN
  • Chips - 25 g - 10 PLN
  • Pretzel sticks - 75 g - 10 PLN
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