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Restaurant / Bar

It’s not a coincidence that our restaurant is called “Impresja” (Polish for “impression”). According to our Guests, the meticulously crafted dishes leave an aextraordinary and lasting impression. It’s not only the flavor but also the appearance and color of food that cause many customers to return and bring their friends.
The „Impresja” restaurant can accommodate  200 people. A delicious breakfast buffet is served here every morning. The venue is a great place for a business lunch or a quiet dinner as well as larger social gatherings. We would also like to invite our guests to visit the Art Cafe Bar, the bar section of the venue, where experienced bartenders prepare various types of coffee, tea as well as a wide range of alcoholic beverages, cocktails and drinks from all over the world.

Opening hours:

The restaurant is open daily from 12.00 PM to 10.00 PM, tel. +48 12 37 63 731
The bar is open daily from 08.00 AM to 12.00 AM, tel. +48 12 37 63 733

Cold starters

  • Tuna marinated in fragrant herbs with a refreshing pomegranate
  • Smoked beef sirloin Carpaccio sprinkled with rosemary oil served with capers and quail eggs
  • Composition of exquisite French cheeses with walnuts and juicy grapes

HOT starters

  • Goat cheese balls fried in panco coating with raspberry sauce
  • Shrimp fried with ginger and garlic arranged on a tomato concasse
  • Velvety poultry liver served over boletus mushroom sauce with assorted fresh salads sprinkled with olive oil and decorated with cherry tomatoes and a pinch of parmesan cheese


  • Papardelle with Black Tiger shrimp in a wine and butter sauce with grilled zucchini
  • Spaghetti with fried duck morsels accompanied by aromatic boletus mushrooms
  • Tagliatelle with Baltic tuna in a delicate cream sauce served in a fresh herbs aroma
  • Juicy green Tagliollini with crispy chicken chunks served with sun-dried tomatoes


  • Smoked chicken salad served with slices of ruby grapefruit with cashew nuts served with a garlic sauce aroma
  • Assorted juicy salads and shoots sprinkled with garlic and honey sauce with Black Tiger shrimps
  • Smoked duck salad served over fruit slice Carpaccio with torinesi sticks
  • Caesar salad with cheese toast, grilled chicken and assorted fresh salads, sprinkled with garlic dressing, olive oil and spicy Worcestershire sauce, with parmesan flakes and aromatic freshly-ground pepper


  • Consommé di Mare –with mussels and shrimp in aromatic broth
  • Traditional duck broth served with kołduny meat dumplings
  • Tomato consommé with basil ravioli
  • Two-colour pepper crème soup with herbal croutons

Main courses

  • Lamb chops sprinkled with cumeliny sauce with rosti sticks, served with fresh spinach
  • Marinated beef sirloin over potato puree, with fresh spring vegetables in a truffle oil aroma over balsamic honey sauce
  • Veal with a rice pocket surrounded by assorted French cheeses served with fresh vegetables
  • Fried beef sirloin served with spring vegetables in a Provence sauce with pear-shaped mushed potatoes coated in breadcrumbs


  • Grilled Baltic salmon with crunchy basil-flavoured skin with saffron-aroma potatoes and asparagus over wine sauce
  • Cod in cabbage leaves served with cauliflower puree over red-currant sauce


  • Selection of ice-cream and sorbets with an English sauce
  • Lemon tart served over strawberry sauce
  • Chocolate soufflé with peppermint sauce
  • Cinnamon and honey cheesecake with gelled cherries



  • Sour żurek soup with a quail egg and grilled white sausage
  • Fried duck served with honey-flavoured kopytka dumplings and red cabbage
  • Crumble-topped apple pie in a fruit sauce served with a ball of vanilla ice-cream


  • Chicken soup with noodles
  • Tomato soup with homemade noodles
  • Cream of potato soup with croutons

Main courses

  • Chicken breast baked with cheese, served with French fries or potatoes, salad and ketchup
  • Golden fish sticks served with French fries or potatoes, salad and ketchup
  • Homemade hamburger served French fries, salad and ketchup
  • Cream cheese-filled pancakes with chocolate or strawberry sauce
  • Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce

Special treats for good children

  • Fruit flavored ice cream with whipped cream
  • Chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Fruit shake – banana, strawberry or raspberry

Children are invited to have fun in our restaurant’s play corner.


Our late night menu is served by the room service between 10:00 PM - 12:00 PM

Tel. 730


Warm / cold sandwiches

  • Cheese, tomato and lettuce sandwich - 18 PLN
  • Cheese, ham, tomato and lettuce sandwich - 20 PLN
  • Salmon, tomato and lettuce sandwich - 25 PLN

Cold beverages

  • Mineral water - 25 cl - 8 PLN
  • Coca-cola - 20 cl - 10 PLN
  • Fanta - 20 cl - 10 PLN
  • Tonic - 20 cl - 10 PLN
  • Sprite - 20 cl - 10 PLN
  • Fruit juice - 20 cl - 12 PLN

Alcoholic beverages

  • Zywiec beer - 50 cl - 15 PLN
  • Consigna Cabernet-Sauvignon Wine (red, dry; Spain) - 75 cl - 90 PLN
  • Consigna Chardonnay Wine (white, dry; Spain) - 75 cl - 90 PLN
  • Johnnie Walker Red - 0,5 cl - 35 PLN
  • Wyborowa Vodka - 0,5 cl - 10 PLN
  • Bison Grass Vodka (Zubrowka) - 0,5 cl - 10 PLN


  • Peanuts - 40 g - 10 PLN
  • Chips - 25 g - 10 PLN
  • Pretzel sticks - 75 g - 10 PLN
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